Code generation allows us to develop IT systems for a fraction of market prices

Databases, web and mobile solutions - all developed efficient and safely in Denmark

Up to 80% savings

The IT industry has played a key role in automating all other industries - we thought it was about time to automate a part of the IT industry itself- so we did!

Efficient platform

We use the python/django framework as backend and develop web and mobile applications that uses the backend with JavaScript

Free prototype

If you deliver a well structured spreadsheet with information about your wishes - we will create a free prototype for you

Source code

If the client have their own hosting facilities, we can distribute the source code and the database to the client. In this case, we add 50% on top of the development price.


We offer hosting and ensure your data is safe and that you can access the data fast and efficiently. Of course, you can always download a backup, if you want to.


We host in a scalable environment, where we can expand your capacity dynamically.

Web development

We have automated our development effort, which means we let the computer do the repetetive tasks during the devlopment phase. This methodology enables us to develop tailored applications in record time with a minimum of costs for the client.

Demand specification

Believe it or not - if you can create an Excel spreadsheet, then you are able to create a demand specifications for advanced web based database applications . We do not make IT development more complicated than it actually is - and we are proud of that!

Mobile development

When djangobooster has developed a web application - server side and user side, then we have automatically developed the API (a piece of server software that communicates with mobile applications). This enabels us to perform moble development at a fraction of the normal development costs.

Development tools

We develop hybrid mobile applications to keep the development time and price down - at djangobooster low time and price is key to our strategy.