The IT industry has done a great job automating other businesses

At djangobooster we state: "It's about time the IT industry taste a bit of their own medicine"

Hi! My name is codebot - I could be your new employee. Here is my CV:

I have 35 years experience in programming, I work 24 hours a day including weekends, and I am never sick or stressed.

I am a team player, I always follow the instructions from my colleagues and I never complain.

I do more than 300 code lines per second, and I only do the work that my colleagues consideres boring, so basically I allow them to concentrate on the more exciting aspects of programming.

My salary demands are very low. In fact, I do not need a salary as long as you allow me to get smarter and smarter.

djangobooster philosophy

At djangobooster we live by the rule that we should use as much IT technology as we possibly can, to optimize our own development efficiency.

Factories have invested heavily in robot technology over the past decade to make their production less error prone and more efficient in order to deliver cheaper and better products - In the future, the IT industry must follow the same strategy.

We invest a lot of our programming time in making "programs that makes programs" to minimize our future programming work and optimize our code quality.

Our clients will benefit from this automation – we simply try to move the IT business from depending on costly programmers to being an industry, where software programs do the majority of the work for us. After all, computer power is cheap.

At djangobooster, we believe that many service jobs will undergo the same evolution as the industrial jobs have seen – some of the service jobs will be IT jobs, which is ironic since IT people have been a great part of removing industrial jobs in the past.

djangobooster intends to “sit at the front seat” and become an active part of this process.

Science fiction or not?

The company djangobooster is named after a software program that makes other software program - the codebot CV is correct!

djangobooster expects to develop the codebot even further over the next years - currently codebot only understands django and Python, but we expect that Flutter mobile, Angular framework and Laravel PHP backend programming will be a part of codebot's CV very soon.