djangobooster is currently a "one man band" with ambitions 

Day-to-day operations is a combination of developing the "codebot" and freelance jobs

Daily manager

Michael Lundager

With 35 years of experience in database programmering and 12 years experience in outsourcing projects in Asia, Michael is a senior software developer.

Michael "invented" and developed the djangobooster product that allows him to develop software in a fraction of the time needed for traditional development methods.


Currently, djangobooster has one freelance programmer who focus on the development of a code generator to Google Flutter, we expect to spend 4-6 months development time for each language.


djangobooster is a development house, and we would like it to stay that way in the future.

Companies who sell outsourcing services are welcome to contact me for a cooperation talk. I would like to spend my time for development, and avoiding sales work would create a "win-win" situation for all partners.