We created a tool that reduces web application development time with up to 80%

Utilizing this technology, we can offer web based database solutions at significantly lower prices and delivery time

Freelance django

Create a demand specification, and we will provide you with a fixed price to develop your new application


Companies who would like code generators to their specific development environment. Please contact us for terms for making your own "codebot" - it makes more sense than you think!

Web oriented database programs

What if a simple, cheap and easy solution existed to replace spreadsheet based data-containers with a database solution to avoid all the shortcomings of a spreadsheet.

  • Actually, djangobooster offers a service where we convert your existing spreadsheet to a web based database solution.
  • We even port the data from the spreadsheets into the new database application.
  • Usually, the process last less than a week, and the spreadsheet itself acts like the demand specification, so you do not have to spent time to specify a lot of details.
  • The web application has facilities to create user groups, grant permissions to view, add, change and delete data. We even have field level security.
  • The web application has export facilities, so you can export data back to spreadsheets, and use those for analysis, charts and further calculations.
  • The web application has facilities to list, search and sort data.
  • The web application has facilities to create, update and delete data.
  • You will receive a prototype of the web application for 8 days, before you decide if you want to pay to keep the solution running. You do not pay unless the result meets your expectations.
  • djangobooster hosts your new web application and ensures that you always have a backup of your data. You can create as many users as you would like, and they will all be able to use the system at no extra cost.

If you want special functions like advanced reports, buttons that does certain things etc. Specify them and djangobooster can add them at a reasonable price – you can start by using the simple system at first, and later create wishes for extra facilities, when you have analyzed your needs.

Sometimes, it actually makes sense to use a simple system before demanding advanced facilities.

Mobile applications can be developed for a fixed price based on development time estimations. Request for the price, and you will be positively surprised.

Price list

Product Price USD
Initial fee
Per tab in system
Upload files and images per tab 40
Hour price for extra functions

Hosting price monthly

Product Price USD
Up to 100 mb 30
Up to 5 gb
Up to 10 gb
Up to 50 gb

Note: Invoice is 3 months ahead

Price examples

All solutions consists of core table maintenance functions, login routines, group based security setup for all tables, searches, sorts, export of data, import of data, bookmarks m.v.

In both cases, the solutions are tailored to your need based on the content of the demand specification spreadsheet.

Simple solution

Product Price USD
Initial fee 200
3 tabs x 60
Total for a web based database solution - developed and with data inside

Complex solution

Product Price USD
Initial fee
20 tabs x 60
5 tabs for file upload x 40 200
2 extra hours 200
Total for a web based solution with 20 tabels, file and image upload and special functions

Your new application could look like this

Click on the header to see screenshots from a standard web application - you can also click on the icon below to download demo Excel demand specification spreadsheet

This application has 8 tabs (data types) and you ought to make file and image upload for companies and projects, price for this task would be 200 + 8 x 60 + 2 x 40 = USD 760